50g Functional Graphene Powder for Polymer and Fiber Reinforcement,  MSE Supplies

50g Functional Graphene Powder for Polymer and Fiber Reinforcement

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Polymer and fiber reinforcement type functional graphene powder with hydroxyl (-OH) and carboxyl (-COOH) groups

Product SKU#: PO0716

Package Size: 50g per bottle (for bulk orders, please contact us for a quote)

Product details:

This enhancement type functional graphene powder is prepared by thermal exfoliation reduction. The surface functional groups in this graphene powder include both the hydroxyl (-OH) and carboxyl (-COOH) groups on the surfaces of this graphene powder. They have the benefits of providing chemical compatibility and bonding with the polymer and fiber molecules. This product can be easily ground and dispersed for reinforcement applications. Adding a small amount of functional graphene powder can significantly improve the mechanical properties of the composites.   


    Appearance Black powder
    Package size 50g per bottle
    Graphene layers multi-layer graphene
    Surface Functional Groups hydroxyl (-OH) and carboxyl (-COOH) groups
    pH 2.0~5.0
    Tap density <0.1 g/cm2
    Specific surface area (SSA) 180~280 m2/g
    Water content <4.0 wt%
    Particle size D50 <10.0 um
    C content 75 ± 5 wt%
    O content 16 ± 3 wt%
    S content <0.5 wt%
    Dry the graphene powder at 120℃ before use to ensure the best performance


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