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Milling Media Set for 500 ml Agate Planetary Mill Jar

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Agate Milling Media Set for 500 ml Planetary Mill Jars. Ship Immediately

  • Density: 2.65 g/cm3
  • Shape: sphere
  • Material: high quality natural Brazilian agate
  • Set includes: 573 pieces of 5 mm, 119 pieces of 10 mm, and 38 pieces of 14 mm balls 
  • Product SKU#: BA0744

General Description Agate Milling Media Ball Set for 500 ml Planetary Mill Jar:

This set of agate milling media balls combination can be used for regular powder milling of metal oxides, slurry, wet or dry mill of battery materials etc.

Compatible with agate milling jars, alumina jars and zirconia jars, etc.

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High quality natural Brazilian agate is used for this planetary mill jar media. It comes in the shape of a sphere and includes sets of 5mm, 10mm, and 14mm pieces, It is highly compatible with alumina, zirconia, and agate milling jars.

Select The Best Grinding Media

All our customers are requested to choose grinding media that is most suitable as per their production costs and overall needs. Any questions with regards to these media can be addressed through our website.

Each of these jars is resistant to solvents and acids (other than HF). These are most suitable when small quantities of samples have to be milled without contamination.500 ml is one of the volumes of these jars.

Getting the Right Supplier

Suppliers need to understand several material applications and issues, and only then will they be able to give the right supplies. Over a number of years, MSE Supplies has gained a lot of experience and its professionals are in a perfect position to understand customer requirements. Agate is highly resistant to solvents and acids, thereby making it a good choice for the electronics field.

With us, you can be sure that your materials will always reach you in time for latest experiments.