MSE PRO™ 5 mm High Purity (99%) Alumina Catalyst Bed Support Media, 1 kg

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MSE PRO™ 5 mm High Purity (99%) Alumina Catalyst Bed Support Media, 1 kg

High purity Alumina Ball is made of Alumina ultra-fine powder as the main raw material by advanced molding technology and high temperature tunnel kiln firing. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry and other industries as tower packing ball, catalyst carrier, petrochemical plant, chemical fiber plant, alkyl benzene, vinyl plant, catalytic reforming device, isomerization device, de-methylation device as the bottom filling material. 

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Specifications of High-Purity Alumina Ball, 99%

Item Specification


5 mm
Bulk Density <2.20 g/cm3
Specific Gravity ≥3.50 g/cm3
Water Absorption ≥0.20 %
Color Pure White
Compressive Strength 2000-5000 N/m2
Heat Resistance 1700 ℃


Features of High-Purity Alumina Ball, 99%

  1. Characteristics of high temperature resistance, high pressure, low water absorption, stable chemical properties, can withstand strong acid and alkali and other organic solvents corrosion.

  2. Adapt to different temperature changes.

  3. Good thermal shock performance. 

  4. Mainly used in the petrochemical industry to resist high temperatures, pressures, and corrosive environments, it is an optimal packing for reformers, reactors, and packing towers in the petroleum and chemical industries.