MSE PRO 4L (4 x 1L) Vertical High Energy Planetary Ball Mill with Touchscreen Controller

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MSE PRO 4L (4 x 1L) Vertical High Energy Planetary Ball Mill with Touchscreen Controller

Tied of old fashioned LCD control panel, try our newly designed ball mill with Touchscreen controller.  

Why MSE PRO products from MSE Supplies

Choose a combination of MSE PRO planetary ball mill, milling jars and milling media balls to get the superior performance for your milling applications at the best value on the market. All MSE PRO ball milling products are further supported by a team of trained scientists and engineers.

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    Features of 4L (4 x 1L) Vertical High Energy Planetary Ball Mill with Touchscreen Controller

    • Touchscreen controller for easy operation and problem fixing
    • Special gear design for low noise and vibration.
    • Stable rotation speed.
    • Programmable milling segments, with reversible rotation option.
    • Secured jar holders to prevent jars from flying out.
    • Safety guaranteed transparent view port.
    • One year product warranty (excluding consumables) and long term product and applications support.
    • Customized power supply. Please specify when placing the order.

    Applications of Planetary Ball Mills:

    Mixing, grinding and milling of powder materials to micrometer size or nanometer size. Typical materials for grinding and milling include ceramics, powdered metals for additive manufacturing, lithium battery materials, cannabis plant materials, minerals, pigments, agrochemicals, etc. Both dry milling and wet milling with solvent can be performed.

    Shop for milling jars and milling media.

    Our wide range of premium quality milling jars and milling media balls have excellent wear resistance and milling efficiency for powder milling, and therefore can reduce particle sizes of powder materials quickly while minimizing the contamination from the wear debris.

    Reference academia customers of MSE PRO High Energy Vertical Planetary Ball Mill from MSE Supplies:

    NASA, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Argonne National Laboratory, Columbia University, UIUC, Purdue University, Cornell University, University of California - Irvine, Arizona State University, University of Idaho, University of Washington, Clemson University, Texas A&M University, Binghamton University, South Dakota State University, University of Nebraska - Lincoln, Texas State University, University of Massachusetts - Amherst, North Carolina State University, University of Waterloo in Canada, CNR-SPIN in Italy... and more

      Main Parameters

      Product Number


      Mill Jar Volume

      250ml, 500ml, 1L

      Mill Jar Materials Shop for milling jars


      110V single phase (by default). Other voltage options are available upon request (extra cost applies)

      Machine Dimensions

      750 mm x 470 mm x 564 mm

      Machine Weight

      93 kg for the machine weight (excluding accessories)

      Work mode

      2 or 4 jars working simultaneously

      Milling mode

      Dry/wet milling

      Speed Frequency


      Drive Mode

      Gear drive

      Rotational Speed

      70-670 RPM, adjustable

      Revolution : Rotation Speed Ratio

      1:2 (revolution speed: 35-335 RPM)

      Maximum loading weight

      < 7.5 kg per unit (including a jar, milling media and materials)

      When the high density and heavy tungsten carbide (WC) jars are used, only two jars can be run at the same time.

      Jar Loading Capacity

      Material + milling balls < 2/3 jar volume

      Fields of Application

      Materials Science, Chemical Engineering, Battery Materials Research, General Particle Size Reduction

      Feed Material

      Soft, hard, brittle, fibrous, cellulose, herb, leaves, glass, soil, mineral ores, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, fluorescent materials, pigments, paints, inks, carbon, battery materials, etc.

      Type of grinding jars

      Stainless steel, zirconia, agate, alumina, nylon, PU, tungsten carbide, Teflon (PTFE) etc, vacuum jars are available upon request. Shop for milling jars

      Type of grinding / milling media

      Stainless steel balls, zirconia balls, alumina balls, agate balls, tungsten carbide balls, etc. Shop for milling media

      Interval operation



      ISO 9001, CE

       Product image is for reference only. 

      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

      • What lubricant should be used for the maintenance of the gears of the planetary ball mill? Answer: #2 Lithium Grease - NLGI 2 Lithium Grease can be applied on the gears every a few months for maintenance purposes (lubrication, anti-rust, etc.).