2 inch Aluminum Nitride AlN Template on Sapphire (0001) Semi-Insulating Type 4000~5000nm

  • $ 44900

  • Conductivity type: Semi-insulating AlN
  • Substrate: Sapphire
  • Dimension: Φ50.8 mm ± 0.1 mm
  • Thickness: 4 ~ 5 μm (4000~5000 nm)
  • Edge Exclusion Zone: < 2 mm
  • Usable area: >90%
  • Orientation: C plane (0001) ± 1°
  • Total Thickness Variation: <15 μm
  • Crystallinity: XRD FWHM of (0002) < 350 arcsec, XRD FWHM of (10-12) < 450 arcsec
  • Surface Roughness Ra <5 nm (10 µm x 10 µm)
  • Substrate Structure: Sapphire (0001)
  • Substrate Flat: (1-100), 16.0 ± 1 mm
  • Polishing: Single side polished (SSP). Double-side polished (DSP) are available upon request.
  • Package: This aluminum nitride template on sapphire substrate is packaged in a class 100 clean room environment, in cassettes of 25 pcs or single wafer containers, under nitrogen atmosphere.

Research publications that cited the use of MSE Supplies AlN template product. 

David Arto Laleyan, Kelsey Mengle, Songrui Zhao, Yongjie Wang, Emmanouil Kioupakis, and Zetian Mi, "Effect of growth temperature on the structural and optical properties of few-layer hexagonal boron nitride by molecular beam epitaxy," Opt. Express 26, 23031-23039 (2018)

To confirm such a theoretical prediction, we compared the PL emission of h-BN with AlN, a direct bandgap semiconductor with similar energy bandgap values. Shown in Fig. 5(a) are the PL spectra of h-BN grown by plasma-assisted MBE (Sample C) and a commercial AlN epilayer sample (~4-μm thick, MSE Supplies LLC) measured under the same conditions at room temperature.

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