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100g Conductive Synthetic Graphite (TIMCAL TIMREX® KS6) Powder for Battery Research

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Product Details:

TIMCAL TIMREX® KS6 Synthetic Graphite is produced in a highly controlled graphitization process which assures narrow specifications and consistent quality.  TIMCAL KS6 Graphite shows unique properties thanks to the combination of a consistent purity, perfect crystalline structure and well defined texture.

KS-6 graphite is widely used as a conductive additive for battery cathode and anode preparation. For example,

  • Cathode: Cathode Active Material + KS6 (Conductive Additive) + PVDF + NMP 
  • Anode: Anode Active Material + KS6 (Conductive Additive)+ PVDF + NMP (or SBR + CMC)

TIMCAL KS6 Graphite is also used as an anti-corrosion and high-temperature lubricant, additive for conductive film, plastic and polymer, or a raw material for alloys and catalyst such as:

  • Special alloys (Al, Mg, Ti)
  • Hard metals (WC, TiC, Mixed Carbides)
  • HSS (High Strength Steel)
  • PIM/MIM (Powder Injection Molding, Metal Injection Molding)
  • Fe-sintered engineering parts

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Packing: 100g per bottle



Black powder

Particle size, D50 3.4 um
Ash content ≤0.1%
Moisture ≤0.5%
Density (Scott) 0.07 g/cm3
Xylene 2.255 g/cm3
BET specific surface area 20 m2/g

Please bake the powder in a vacuum oven at 120 - 150 °C before making slurry and coating to ensure best performance.


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