100 pcs of Stainless Steel 304SS Wave Spring for CR2032 Case,  MSE Supplies

100 pcs of Stainless Steel 304SS Wave Spring for CR2032 Case

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Product Details:

100 pcs wave springs made of 304SS Stainless steel for CR2032 coin cell. It is usually placed on anode side to prevent the over-pressing and short circuit during the coin cell preparation. 


Product SKU# BR0135
Pack Size 100 pcs per pack


Grade 304 Stainless Steel (304SS)

Overall Dimensions

14.5 mm O.D. x 10.25 mm I.D. x (1.2±0.05) mm Height (from Crest to Trough) x 0.3 mm Thickness.


Spacers may be required to assemble a coin cell


Lithium ion batteries have different components, one of which is the wave spring. The components are placed in a certain order within the coin cell assembly of the battery, and the wave spring is followed by sealing. At MSE supplies, we are able to provide wave springs to our discerning customers.

Excellent quality

You can be assured of the quality of the stainless steel wave springs from MSE Supplies. We meet all the necessary quality standards in place here. Customer satisfaction is of the highest priority, and you can get in touch with this through this website. Be sure to order in bulk.

Exactly as per appearance

In certain cases customers do not get exactly what they see on other company websites. Features turn out to be different from what can be seen, but we make sure we put up accurate photographs of our materials. There will never be any confusion with MSE Supplies.