10 Pcs of Metal Wire Clip and PTFE Plug with Expanded PTFE Septum

  • $ 33440

Metal wire clip works as electrical conductor between an electrode material (free-standing or deposited on a substrate) and an external circuit. This clip is formed from a pure metal wire and has a smooth surface. It is compatible with most of inorganic and organic based free-standing membranes or thin films deposited on flexible and rigid substrates. A maximum thickness of the sample is 1 mm. This clip is used in situations where the use of a Tantalum clip is not possible due to chemical incompatibility (HF or strong hot alkaline solutions).  

Application note: 
Generally, the electrode is fabricated by fixing the sample into the metal wire clip. Such electrode is immersed in the ion-conducting solution as a working electrode. An electric current is passed between the working electrode and the counter electrode for a certain amount of time. Metal wire clip may be reused. The clip should be cleaned prior to the deposition of electrode material. 

Operating Video Manual: 

Clip material: Stainless Steel 316L, Nickel, Copper, Zinc, other on request 
Clip wire diameter: 0.6 mm 
Clip wire total length: 100 mm 
Clip length: 60 mm 
Maximum sample thickness: 1 mm 

Intrastat data: 
NET weight: 100 g 

Product includes: 
10 Metal wire clips, 
1 PTFE plug with expanded PTFE septum 
1 O-Ring (FKM for aqueous or FFKM for organic electrolytes) 

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