1,000ml (1L) Zirconia (Zirconium Oxide, YSZ) Planetary Mill Grinding / Milling Jar

  • $ 1,89900

General Introduction of  item # MJPM-YSZ-1L

1,000ml (1L) Y-stabilized Zirconia (Zirconium Oxide, YSZ) Planetary Mill Grinding/Milling Jar (Cup, Bowl) with lid, gasket and a set of zirconia milling media

Each jar set includes grinding jar, jar lid, rubber sealing gasket and a set of YSZ milling balls with combination of different sizes for optimal milling excluding sizes <1mm.


  • Cost-effective, low wear and long lifetime

  • High specific gravity, high milling efficiency

  • Chemical resistant to acid and solvents

  • Smooth, easy to clean, minimum wearing to the equipment

  • Excellent toughness, high impact resistance, no broken beads

  • Mainly used for planetary ball mill machines


      Item No. : MJPM-YSZ-1L

      Material : Y stabilized Zirconium Oxide -ZrO2

      Jar Volume : 1000ml

      Max Loading Capacity : 2/3 capacity of the grinding jar

      Density : 6.06 g/cm3

      Color : ivory white

      Shape : cylindrical

      Hardness : >89 HRA

      Abrasion Resistance : very good

      Suitable for : fibrous, abrasive samples

      Max Working Temperature : 320oC

      Attachment : lid and rubber sealing gasket

      Grind Balls : zirconium oxide balls 

      Grind Ball Sizes : 1 mm - 50mm beads are available

      Special Features: 

      A stainless steel sleeve can be added to convert to rotary mill (roller mill) application. please contact us for specific requirement. 


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