1-Ethyl-3-methylImidazolium Hexafluorophosphate (C<sub>6</sub>H<sub>11</sub>F<sub>6</sub>N<sub>2</sub>P), >99% - MSE Supplies LLC

MSE PRO 1-Ethyl-3-methylImidazolium Hexafluorophosphate (C6H11F6N2P), >99%

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MSE PRO™ 1-Ethyl-3-methylImidazolium Hexafluorophosphate (C6H11F6N2P), >99% 

1-Ethyl-3-methylimidazolium hexafluorophosphate (C6H11F6N2P) is a highly-stable, task-specific ionic liquid, characterized by its low melting point. Its air and water stability makes it ideal for use in molten salt techniques, and its applications include stabilizing proteins and aiding in the separation of gases and solubility of CO2.


Item Value
Product Name 1-Ethyl-3-methylImidazolium Hexafluorophosphate
Chemical Formula C6H11F6N2P
  • 1-ethyl-3-methyl-1H-imidazol-3-ium hexafluorophosphate
  • 1-ethyl-3-methyl-1H-imidazolium hexa-fluorophosph
  • CM1058: 25g
  • CM1059: 50g
CAS# 155371-19-0
Molecular Weight 256.13 g/mol
Appearance White solid
Purity >99%
Melting Point  59.0 ~ 62.0 °C
Store Under Inert Gas Yes
Condition to Avoid Hygroscopic


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