Powder Processing Machine


Powder processing involves the transformation of raw materials into fine powders or granules, which can be used in various industries, such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food, and materials science. To achieve this, a range of specialized machines are used for crushing, mixing, milling, and grinding.

Here's a brief introduction to these essential powder processing machines:
Powder Crusher: A powder crusher is a machine designed to break down large, solid materials into smaller particles or powders. It's often used to reduce the size of raw materials before further processing. Common types include jaw crushers, cone crushers, and impact crushers.

Powder Mixer: Powder mixers are used to blend and homogenize various powdered or granular materials. They ensure a consistent composition and uniform distribution of particles within the mixture. Types of mixers include ribbon mixers, paddle mixers, and planetary mixers.

Powder Milling Machines: Milling machines are employed to reduce particle size further. They work by crushing or grinding materials into finer powders. Different types of milling machines include:
Knife Mills: Utilize sharp blades to cut materials.
Hammer Mills: Use rotating hammers to crush and disintegrate particles.
Ball Mills: Employ rotating balls or rods to grind materials inside a container.
Planetary Ball Mills: Offer high-speed and efficient fine grinding by using planetary motion.
Vibratory Mills: Use vibrations to crush or grind materials.
Mortar Grinders: Employ pestles and mortars to crush and mix small quantities of materials.
Cryogenic Mills: Operate at extremely low temperatures to grind heat-sensitive materials.

These machines play a crucial role in the production of powders used in diverse industries. The choice of machine depends on factors like the desired particle size, material characteristics, and the specific requirements of the final product. Properly selecting and using these machines ensures the quality and consistency of the powdered materials, ultimately impacting the end product's performance and properties.

MSE Supplies
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Laboratory Desktop Jaw Crusher

Jaw Crusher

Laboratory Hammer Mill

Flying Saucer Steel Balls

Forging Steel Balls

Stainless Steel Balls

Planetary Mills

Vertical Planetary Ball Mills

Horizontal Planetary Ball Mills

All Direction Three Axis Planetary Ball Mill

Cryogenic Planetary Ball Mill

Forging Steel Balls

Stainless Steel Balls

Roller Mills

Roller Jar Mill, 4-Jar up to 20L capacity

Large Capacity Roller Jar Mill, 4-Jar up to 60L capacity

Single Tier 2-Jar Lab Roller Mill

Single Tier 4-Jar Lab Roller Mill, Up to 20 L capacity

Single Tier 4-Jar Lab Roller Mill, Up to 60 L capacity

Two Tier 8-Jar with Safety Guard and Door Interlock Lab Roller Mill

Two Tier 4-Jar Lab Roller Mill

Two Tier 8-Jar Lab Roller Mill

Table Top Lab Roller Jar Mill

Laboratory Scale Rod Mill

Forging Steel Balls

Stainless Steel Balls

Stirred Mills

Lab Attritor Stirred Ball Mill

Production Level Attritor Stirred Ball Mill

Chrome Balls

Flying Saucer Steel Balls

Forging Steel Balls

Stainless Steel Balls


Dr. Fritsch 3D Powder Shaker Mixer

5L Lab Scale 3D Movement Powder Mixer

15L Lab Scale 3D Movement Powder Mixer

20L Lab Scale 3D Movement Powder Mixer

Lab Scale V-shape Mixer

Aluminum Oxide Ceramic

Other Sample Preparation Mills 

Benchtop High Speed Vibrating Ball Mill

Cutting Mill

High-capacity Laboratory Knife Mill

Laboratory Knife Mill

Laboratory Disc Mill

Lab Mortar Grinder

Laboratory Low-temperature Mill (Cryogrinder)

Laboratory Soil Mill

Laboratory Ultra Centrifugal Mill

Laboratory Vibratory Disc Mill

Laboratory Knife Mill

Laboratory Knife Mill

How To Choose Milling & Grinding Machine?

Jaw crusher Ultra-centrifugal millKnife mill Cutting millHammer millDisk mill Vibratory millMortar grinderPlanetary ball mill
Maximum feed size ≈ (mm)40
Final output size ≈ (um)500
Building materials
Electronic waste/circuit boards
Second-generation fuels
Wood/bones/paper scraps

◎ stands for suitable in the application.
※ stands for partly suitable in the application.

Grinding/milling media, Jars and other Accessories

At MSE Supplies, we are experts at powder processing, providing the milling jars/media and other accessories to achieve fine, consistent results. 

Zirconia and alumina are our most popular grinding materials. You’ll also find tungsten carbide, stainless steel, and agate grinding balls in various sizes, ranging from 1-2 mm to 50 mm.

We offer top-quality powder pressing ball mill media for use in planetary milling jars, roller milling jars, other powder processing equipments, and pellet pressing dies.

Most of our products are sold with the MSE PRO brand owned by MSE Supplies.