MSE PRO Syringe Filters (pack of 100)

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MSE PRO™ Syringe Filters (pack of 100)

MSE Supplies offers syringe filters in a variety of sizes and materials. They are single-use membrane-based devices that attached to the end of the syringe for use. They are used to remove the particles from a sample prior to analysis, to prevent these particles from damaging the instruments. Besides the above application, syringe filters can also be used for general purpose filtration for small volume, removal of bacteria from the sample, filtration of gases, etc. The selection for the syringe filter should be determined by application and can be categorized into two groups, sterile and non-sterile syringe filters.

The sterile syringe filters are used for either sterilize solutions or clarify sterile solutions. It is preferred for biochemistry applications. As for the non-sterile syringe filters, they are used for general filtration and sample purification. Syringe filters are composed of two essential parts– membrane material and housing material. Membrane material must match the composition, filter diameter, and pore size; as for housing material, it must match the end applications based on composition and format.

Brand: MSE PRO

Manufacturer: MSE Supplies LLC

Product Characteristics

  • Membrane Materials: Cellulose Acetate (CA), Nylon, Polyethylene (PE), Polyethersulfone (PES), Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), Hydrophilic PTFE, Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF), Glass Fiber, Mixed Cellulose Ester (MCE)
  • Inlet/Outlet: FLL/MLS
  • Housing Material: Polypropylene (PP)


  • Sterile Filtration and Clarification
  • Analytical Sample Prep, uHPLC
  • Cell Culture
  • Protein Chemistry
  • Filtration of Aqueous and Alcohol Solutions
  • IC Chromatography

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