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Southport JadeMat - Material Inspection System for Semiconductor, Perovskite and 2D Materials

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MSE Supplies offers JadeMat - Material Inspection System, a high-speed advanced optical inspection system that combines spectrum and image in one. It solves the problem of not being able to obtain both the material image and its spectrum in the Region of Interest (ROI) simultaneously. JadeMat can achieve a more comprehensive and precise description of material characteristics for advanced analysis. The introduction of non-destructive inspection technology allows a variety of sensitive or precious samples to maintain their structure and properties during the inspection process, which leads to more accurate and complete 3D material signals. It is widely used for semiconductor, perovskite and 2D materials. 

Country of Origin: Made in Taiwan

Manufacturer: Southport Corporation

Materials that can be inspected:

  • Nano and 2D Materials

  • Compound Semiconductor Materials (Silicon Carbide, Gallium Nitride,...)

  • Perovskite Materials


  • MicroLED

  • Single-Photon Source Detection: quickly focus on the emitting core of the quantum light source and directly measure the quantum source both qualitatively and quantitatively through a highly-sensitive and low-noise single-photon detection module. 


  • Quantum Dot


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2) Niu, Yingchun, Chen Tian, Jiajia Gao, Fan Fan, Yida Zhang, Yuanyuan Mi, Xiangcheng Ouyang et al. Nb2C MXenes modified SnO2 as high quality electron transfer layer for efficient and stability perovskite solar cells. Nano Energy 89 (2021): 106455.

About Southport: Established in August 2014. The founding team gathered talents from cross fields such as optics, materials, physics, and information, introducing novel optical design concepts in optical engineering. Our goal is to combine traditional optics with digital optics to create inspection systems that are more simplified, modularized and digitized.

MSE Supplies is an authorized distributor for Southport Corporation in North America.