Silicon/Silicon Dioxide (Si/SiO<sub>2</sub>) Thermal Oxide Silicon Wafer and Substrates, Prime Grade,  MSE Supplies

Silicon/Silicon Dioxide (Si/SiO2) Wet Thermal Oxide Silicon Wafer and Substrates, Prime Grade

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Thermal oxide (silicon dioxide, SiO2) layer is formed on silicon wafer surface at an  elevated temperature in the presence of an oxidant. This process is commonly referred to as a thermal oxidation process. The SiO thermal oxide thin film is normally grown in a horizontal tube furnace, at temperature range from 900°C ~ 1200°C. 

Silicon/silicon dioxide (Si/SiO2) thermal oxide wafers and substrates are widely used for FET substrates, surface microscopy analysis, ellipsometry measurements and X-ray studies. MSE Supplies also offers monolayer graphene film on Si/SiOsubstrate. (10mm x 10mm, 1 inch x 1 inch, and more...)

We can offer a variety of choices for customization. Please contact us at for your requirements of customized products. 

MSE Supplies offers the following choices:

  • Type of silicon wafer: N or P type 
  • Silicon wafer doping: un-doped, P-doped or B-doped
  • SiOthickness: 300~500 nm. The standard thickness is 300 nm.
  • Electrical resistivity: un-doped (>1000 Ωcm), P or B doped (10-3~10Ωcm)
  • Crystal orientations: (100), (111) and (110)
  • Substrate sizes: 10x10 mm, 15x15 mm, 2", 3", 4" or customized
  • Thickness: 0.3~0.5 mm, 1.0 mm or customized
  • Surface polishing: Single Side Polished (SSP) or Double Side Polished (DSP)


    Crystal Structure of Si Face-centered cubic
    Melting Point 1410 
    Density 2.4 g/cm3
    SiOThermal Oxide Film Thickness 300 nm
    EPD ≤100∕cm2
    Oxygen Content ≤1~1.8 x 10^18 atoms/cm3
    Carbon Content ≤5 x 10^16 atoms/cm3
    Size Tolerance <±0.1mm
    Thickness Tolerance <±0.015mm or <±0.005mm upon request
    Wafer Orientation Precision ±0.5°
    Edge Orientation Precision 2° (1° if requested)
    Packing Packed with class 100 clean wafer case or bag in a class 1000 cleanroom