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Rotary-Tilting Sample Stage for Ion Sputtering Coater

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Rotary-Tilting Sample Stage for Ion Sputtering Coater

MSE Supplies offers a Rotary-Tilting Sample Stage that is compatible with our High Vacuum Magnetron Ion Sputtering Coater for SEM Sample Preparation and Compact Magnetron Ion Sputtering Coater for SEM Sample Preparation

Brand: MSE PRO

Manufacturer: MSE Supplies LLC

MSE Supplies is a leading Sputtering Targets supplier and offers custom-made high purity sputtering targets

The Rotary Tilting Sample stage with a digital display is designed for fine-grain structural deposition. One of the most efficient techniques to improve the uniformity of thin films formed using the Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) technology is to rotate the substrate during coating. It also has three Rotary-Planetary Sub-Stages that rotate on their axis as well as a big rotary stage. Rotary Planetary Sample Stage is designed for more complex geometric substrates with uneven surfaces. The degree of homogeneity of the deposited layer is one of the features of an excellent thin film. However, it is very important to rotate the sample around different axes to cover all of the substrate's hidden angles and get a uniform coating.
For homogeneous coating of porous materials, the rotary planetary sample stage is a viable choice. Rotation on different axis also avoids the shadowing of one area on the other area of the sample. Three standard stubs can fit in with the rotary-tilting sample stage. Depending on the needs of the customer, it can be ordered together with our Ion Sputtering Coaters.

Expanded Features
• Allows highly uniform coating
• Allows thin coating with better coverage
• Sputter deposition from all possible directions
• Fine-grain structural deposition
• More reliable
• Smooth rotation
• Easy to install
• Cost-effective
• Drop-in style (no screws)

Technical Specifications

SKU# MA0594
Chamber Size 106mm Inner diameter x 120mm height
Weight 2.2kg
Display 12mm x 11mm
Rotation Speed 0-60RPM
Angle -30 to +30 degrees
Sample Stage Size 60mm
Sub-Stage Size 23mm
Power Consumption ~5W
Control Manual
Connection Type-C
Stage Height Adjustment 0-20mm
Warranty One year limited warranty with lifetime product support