Roof Prisms

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MSE supplies offers customized Roof Prisms with different materials, dimension, surface qualify, etc.

A roof prism has two surfaces on top forming a right angle like a roof and thus got the name. It is used to invert the incident light by 90 degree. The image is inverted so top is bottom and right is left. Uncoated roof prism will change the polarization status of the incident light and coating will avoid such issue. It is widely used to invert images in a lot of optical systems.

MSE Supplies can offer a variant of optical elements, with different materials, size, surface quality and coating. Please contact us for customization or bulk orders. 

Technical Data:

Parameters Value
Size (mm) 5-200
Size Tolerance (mm) +0/-0.01~+0/-0.1
Thickness Tolerance (mm) ±0.01~±0.1
Irregularity (P-V) @ 632.8nm λ/10~λ/2
Surface Quality 20/10~60/40
Centration <30”~3'
Clear Aperture (%) >90
Bevel Protective bevel as needed
Coating Uncoated, AR, BBAR, Mirror