Quartz Fiber Membrane 25 mm dia. (pack of 10)

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Quartz Fiber Membrane is composed of pure silica fibers, with no organic binder. These membranes are known for their inertness and durability. It is Pre-fired at 1000 °C for 2 hours to reduce organic contamination.

Application note
Quartz Fiber Membrane is typically used to separate compartments in H-Cells filled with aqueous or organic electrolyte in bio-electrochemical experiments. This membrane is used in applications where absolute purity of the membrane is required and where membrane contamination analysis is carried on. It has superior chemical resistance when comparing to Glass Fiber Membrane. Quartz fiber membrane retains its structural integrity without weight loss when heated up to 500 °C and can therefore be used in gravimetric analysis after being used in bio-electrochemical experiment.

shape: round
diameter: 25 mm
thickness (dry): 380 μm
weight: 85 g/m2
max operating temperature: 1000 °C

Product includes
10 pcs of Quartz Fiber Membrane