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MSE PRO Plastic Membrane Box (300x150x51 mm) for Delicate Materials Storage

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Plastic Membrane Box for Delicate Materials Storage (300x150x51 mm)

These popular polystyrene plastic membrane boxes include micro thin and flexible polyurethane membranes top and bottom. They are designed for storage and shipping of delicate materials, such as semiconductors, crystals, wafers, crystal substrates, and optical components.

The polyurethane plastic membranes form around the object to secure it during shipping and transportation. These membrane boxes provide an ideal way to transport the most fragile of samples and items. MSE Supplies uses such membrane boxes to store and ship our high value crystals and substrates

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Product SKU# CA0374
Number of membrane boxes 1 piece per pack
Material Polystyrene box with polyurethane membranes
Design With hinge
Outside Dimensions 300 mm x 150 mm x 51 mm (11.81" x 5.91" x 2.01")
Membrane Area 279 mm x 128 mm (10.98" x 5.04")
Depth 48 mm (1.89")