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MSE Supplies offers a Peristaltic pump, Model A, with a dosing function is ideally suited for a broad range of flow cells. The control enables reversible flow and various speeds, to achieve flow rates from 0.07 up to 380 mL/min in either direction. It well fits aqueous (Silicone or Viton™/Fluran™ F-5500-A tube) and organic (PharMed™ tube) electrolyte requirements. The pumping tube is equipped with fittings for 1/16" OD and 3 mm OD tubing used typically with flow cells.

Application note
Peristaltic pumps model A is used to move electrolyte along a tube in a variety of flow cells. It can pump aqueous and organic electrolytes without coming into contact with pump components other than pumping tube. Therefore, there is no risk that the flow control process can contaminate clean electrolytes or that the pump can be damaged by acidic or viscous liquids.

power consumption: <40 W
pressure: 0.2 MPa,
power: 90-260V AC,50/60Hz
pumping tube OD: 6.4 mm
flow rate: 0.07 – 380 mL/min
motor speed: 0.1 – 100 rpm, reversible
speed precision: 0.1 rpm 
weight: 3.5 kg
input/output fittings: 1/16" OD and 3 mm OD tube
dispensing volume: 0.01 mL to 9.99 L 
number of cycles: 0 (unlimited), 1 to 9999,
pause time: 0.1 sec to 99.9 min 
operating temperature: 0 to 40°C,
operating relative humidity: < 80%
IP rating: IP 31

Product includes
1 x peristaltic pump, model A
5 x pumping tube for aqueous electrolyte
5 x pumping tube for organic electrolyte
1 x pair of fittings for external tubing 1/16" OD
1 x pair of fittings for external tubing 3 mm OD

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