N,N-Dimethyltrifluoromethanesulfonamide (C<sub>3</sub>H<sub>6</sub>F<sub>3</sub>NO<sub>2</sub>S),>98% - MSE Supplies LLC

MSE PRO N,N-Dimethyltrifluoromethanesulfonamide (C3H6F3NO2S), >98%

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MSE PRO N,N-Dimethyltrifluoromethanesulfonamide (C3H6F3NO2S),>98%

N,N-Dimethyltrifluoromethanesulfonamide (C3H6F3NO2S) is a highly flame-resistant solvent for electrochemical cells, batteries, and capacitors. With 98% purity, it is also commonly used as a precursor for complex organic compounds.


Item Value
Product Name N,N-Dimethyltrifluoromethanesulfonamide
Chemical Formula C3H6F3NO2S
  • 1,1,1-Trifluoro-N,N-dimethylmethanesulfonamide
  • CM1036: 1g
  • CM1037: 5g
CAS# 28048-17-1
Molecular Weight 177.15
Appearance Colorless liquid
Purity >98%
Density 1.4±0.1 g/cm3
Store Under Inert Gas Yes


Shipping and handling: This material is classified as a hazmat and requires special packaging and shipping to comply with regulatory requirements. Please contact us for specific details with shipping and handling.


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