MSE PRO Roll To Roll Continuous Slitting Machine For Battery Electrode Cutting

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MSE Supplies offers a Roll To Roll Continuous Slitting Machine For Battery Electrode Cutting. It utilizes two or more continuous slitting processes for rolled materials. It is equipped with a precision knife holder, which can achieve high precision foil slitting. It is widely used in lithium battery, metal foil, optical film and other functional film industries.
The main features:
*Using correction system for feeding to ensure the neat coils;
*Using ultrafine alloy blade with good cutting quality and long service life;
*High slitting width precision, no burrs, waves, or indentations in the final product;
*Adjustable knife feed, moving speed and slitting width; 
*Adapt to different thickness of materials by adjusting inlet and outlet angles
*Using single stand structure with independent knife holder and dust removal device;
*Using PLC control, HMI operation, easy to operate;

Customized machine with different slitting electrode width design is available upon request.

Product number (SKU) BR0291
Power supply 110VAC ± 10%, frequency 50/ 60Hz
Cutting blade Ultra fine alloy steel, diameter Φ100mm
Cutter type Upper and lower circular knife
Materials thickness 100 ~ 300μm
Slitting method  Monolithic roll cutting
Slitting width 20~280mm range by replacing spacers (spercialized design available upon request )
Slitting speed Max. 4m/min
Slitting accuracy ±0.09mm
Knife feed amount 0.2~0.4mm range with dial indicator display
Burr condition ≤25μm
Work environment Recommended ambient temperature 25 ± 3 ℃, humidity 30 ~ 90RH, no vibration and electromagnetic interference
Installation size (L*W*H) 850*800*650mm
Weight ~550kg