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MSE PRO Lab Scale Small 5-Ton Manual Hydraulic Pellet Press with Digital Display

  • £1,41500


Our lab scale small 5-Ton manual hydraulic pellet press with digital display has unique features such as compact structure, small volume, fast compression, simple operation, easy cleaning and low maintenance. It is widely used to press powders into pellets for FTIR/XRF analysis, battery electrode material, metallurgy, ceramic and catalysis applications. 

At MSE Supplies, we are experts at powder processing materials, ball milling equipment and accessories. We offer a variety of ball mill and jars to break down the particle size before the pressing. We also supply pellet pressing dies which are compatible with this press for pellet pressing. 

If you need other maximum pressure or customized design, please contact MSE Supplies. 

If you use this press inside of glove box, please check the O-ring seal periodically to avoid oil leak. 

    Product SKU # PR0318
    Pressure range 0-5 Tons (31.4 MPa)
    Pressure gauge Digital display 0~40 MPa
    Max pressure 5 Metric Tons
    Pressure stability ≤1MPa/10min
    Sample stage diameter 80mm
    Maximum sample height 130mm
    225mm x 155mm x 380 mm
    Net weight 28kg
    Warranty Limited one year warranty, not responsible for the damage caused by improper use
    Note Please clean the press after each use to ensure the best performance and longer life time