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MSE PRO Lab Freeze Dryer for Biologically Active Substance Drying, 3L

SKU: MA2001

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MSE PRO™ Lab Freeze Dryer for Biologically Active Substance Drying, 3L

  • 3L condenser capacity. 
  • Rapid refrigeration with low temperature cold trap.
  • Control system with a 7-inch true color touch LCD screen.
  • ARM9 core control circuit design with 32M memory and 128M FLASH.
  • Automatic saving of freeze-dried data.
  • Drying chamber featuring a colorless transparent injection-molded polycarbonate drying trap, known for its corrosion resistance, non-friability, non-adhesiveness, high transparency, and strong sealing.
  • Equipped with an inflation valve for dry inert gas filling.
  • Offers manual and automatic operation modes.
  • Vacuum pump included.

Brand: MSE PRO™ 

Manufacturer: MSE Supplies LLC


A freeze dryer can directly sublimate a substance from its solid state to a gaseous state at the "triple point," allowing it to be removed by vacuum. Water vapor condenses in the condenser while the sample achieves the goal of dehydration and drying, thereby enabling long-term preservation of biologically active substances at room temperature. Freeze-drying is primarily applied to dry heat-sensitive and thermally labile materials, such as serum, vaccines, microorganisms, tissues, and other biological samples, while preserving their original shape and structure for easy storage. It can also be used for process exploration of freeze-drying pharmaceutical products or other freeze-dried products before large-scale production.

MSE Supplies offers a variant of freeze dryers with different capacity and types. Please contact us for more information.


SKU# MA2001
Condenser temperature 

-56 ℃ (MA2001)

-80℃ (MA2001-1)

Vacuum degree <10 Pa
Freeze drying area 0.12 m2
Bulk capacity 1.5 L
Condenser capacity 3 L
Material tray Φ200 mm, 4 layers
Voltage 110 V/60 Hz
Power 950 W
Vial capacity Φ12mm 920 pcs
Vial capacity Φ16mm 480 pcs
Vial capacity Φ22mm 260 pcs
Machine dimension (W×D×H) for -56 ℃ 450×580×(380+450) mm
Machine dimension (W×D×H) for -80 ℃ 800x525x(755+440) mm
Weight 110kg