MSE PRO High Purity Alumina (Al2O3) Boat Crucible Rectangular

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Product details

High purity alumina (aluminum oxide, Al2O3) lab crucibles have high melting point, high hardness and good chemical stability. Rectangular alumina boat crucibles are widely used for chemical calcination, metal casting and ceramic sample preparation. 

Powder processing is recommended for the best calcination and sintering results. MSE Supplies offer a variety of balling milling equipment and accessories for powder processing. 

Standard Products and Specifications

*Actual size may vary

SKU# JA1110 JA1179 JA1111 JA1112 JA1113 JA1196 JA1200
Outer Dimensions 50x20x20 mm

35x35x25 mm

50x40x20 mm 100x20x20 mm 100x40x20 mm 100x30x30 mm 100x100x30 mm
Internal Capacity ~10 mL ~20 mL ~25 mL ~20 mL ~65 mL ~60 mL
Purity >99% >99% >99% >99% >99% >99% >99%
Maximum temperature 1600 °C 1600 °C 1600 °C 1600 °C 1600 °C 1600 °C 1600 °C

Other crucible dimensions can be customized upon request. The dimensions listed above are for reference only. Please contact us if you need tight tolerance. Covers are available for purchase separately. 

Crucibles are considered as consumables which are not covered by warranty. 

Notes for use

  • Place the crucible in 105 °C oven for 2h to remove the moisture before the first use
  • Do not heat and cool faster than 5 °C/min <1200 °C or 4 °C/min >1200 °C