Gold Sputtering Target Au,  MSE Supplies

MSE PRO Gold Sputtering Target Au

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Description for Gold Sputtering Targets

Gold is one of the most valuable and sought-after metals in the world. Since its discovery during ancient times, it has been utilized as jewelry, coins, and tools. Still, in today's economy, its most popular use is as jewelry. Gold is one of the more beautiful precious metals with a lustrous, yellow sheen. It has a melting point of 1,064°C, a density of 19.3 g/cc, and a vapor pressure of 10-4Torr at 1,132°C with its ideal evaporation temperature being around 1,400°C. It is soft, dense, malleable, ductile, and an excellent conductor of heat and electricity. Deposited films of gold are used as layers in the production of semiconductors, sensors, batteries, and data storage.

Specifications for Gold Sputtering Target

Name: Gold
Symbol: Au
Atomic Number: 79
Atomic Mass: 196.96655 amu
Melting Point: 1064.43°C (1337.5801K, 1947.9741°F)
Boiling Point: 2807.0°C (3080.15K, 5084.6°F)
Number of Protons/Electrons: 79

Number of Neutrons: 118
Classification: Transition Metal
Crystal Structure: Cubic
Density @ 293 K: 19.32 g/cm3
Color: Gold

Product List Gold Sputtering Target

Name Purity Form




Sputtering Targets, Evaporation Materials, Crucible, Foil, Wire, Sheet, Powder

Name Purity Form

Sliver Gold Alloy

AgAu Alloy

96/4wt%, 98/2wt%,

Sputering Target, Evaporation Materia

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