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MSE PRO Economy Compact Benchtop Microbiological Incubator

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MSE PRO™ Economy Compact Benchtop Microbiological Incubator

A microbiological incubator can be used for cultivation and preservation of bacteria, fungi, and microorganisms. It is mainly employed in low-temperature constant temperature tests, cultivation experiments, environmental tests, and finds broad applications in fields such as biology, genetic engineering, medicine, and public health.

  • Natural convection circulation, noiseless operation prevents sample evaporation during experimental processes.
  • The chamber door is equipped with an observation window, facilitating the observation of the experimental process inside the chamber.
  • The fuzzy PID controller ensures precise temperature control with minimal fluctuations. It comes with a timer function, allowing a maximum set time of 99 hours and 59 minutes.
  • An independent over-temperature alarm system automatically interrupts operation when the temperature exceeds the set limit, ensuring safe experimental operation. (optional)

    MSE Supplies offers different capacities and types of microbiological incubators as well as other climate chambers with various functions. For more information, please contact us.
      SKU# MA1033
      Power supply voltage 110V/60Hz
      Input power 250W
      Temperature range +5 to 65 ℃
      Working temperature +5 to 35 ℃
      Temperature accuracy ±0.5℃
      Capacity 50L
      Number of shelves (std.)
      Chamber material Polished Stainless Steel
      Chamber dimension (W×D×H) 400×330×380mm
      Outside dimension (W×D×H) 665×667×600mm