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MSE PRO Double-Station Glove Box for Battery Research

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MSE Supplies offers high-quality double-station glove box for battery research, which is of small-scale production, expandable and customizable. Optional intelligent system can be customized to realize the mobile control and centralized management of the glove box, safe and secure. It has real-time synchronization of equipment status, equipment data report records, historical data can be inquired, alarm messages are actively notified, equipment remote debugging, fault online diagnosis and online repair, online customer service and other intelligent functions. It has been widely used for universities and labs. It can control the humidity for battery material preparation and assembly.  This glove box can also be used for organic chemicals, electronic devices, biological cultivation, etc. processing which need to be under the protective atmosphere.

Key Features:

  • Double Station
  • Control system: Siemens PLC
  • Purifier: Single column
  • Water content: <1ppm
  • Oxygen content: <1ppm

Product specifications:

Glove box
Box Material: 304 stainless steel, thickness 3mm
Outer surface: 304 stainless steel
Inner surface: oil film drawing surface
Optional length 1500, 1800, 2440, 3660, 4880mm
Optional depth of 750, 1000, 1200mm
Height 900mm
Front window Tilting window: transparent toughened safety glass, thickness 8mm
Glove mouth Material is POM or aluminum alloy: O-ring seal
Gloves Butyl rubber: thickness 0.4mm, diameter 7'' or 8''
Filter Specification: 0.3μm, one gas inlet and one gas outlet
Shelf Material: stainless steel, built-in 2 layers, height adjustable
Cabinet lighting Location: LED light, installed in the lampshade
Interface Specification: DN40KF, several spare interfaces, 1 power interface (220V/110V)
Purification unit
Purification column Function: gas sealing, water removal and oxygen removal
Container material: 304 stainless steel
Purification materials: copper catalyst 5kg, molecular sieve 5kg
Purification capacity: 60L deoxygenation, 2kg dewatering
Water and oxygen index: <1ppm
Circulatory system Working gas: nitrogen, argon, helium
Circulation capacity: integrated fan flow rate 90m³/h (larger fan flow rate 145m³/h, 180m³/h can be provided)
Regeneration Operation: PLC automatically controls the regeneration process
Regeneration gas: mixed gas of working gas and hydrogen (hydrogen 5%-10%)
Vacuum pump Specification: 8m³/h, 12m³/h
Rotary vane pump: with oil mist filter, air vibration control
Valve Main valve: DN40KF, electric angle valve
Control valve: solenoid integrated valve
Transition warehouse
Large transition warehouse Warehouse body Size: diameter 360mm, length 600mm (optional diameter 400mm)
Material: 304 stainless steel
Surface: the inner surface is oil film drawing surface, the outer surface is spray paint or mirror surface
Annex Tray: sliding tray
Warehouse door: double doors, anodized aluminum material, vertical operation thickness of 10mm, with lifting structure
Pressure gauge: analog display
Control Operation: automatic control
Small transition warehouse Warehouse body Size: diameter 150mm, length 300mm (optional diameter 100mm)
Material: 304 stainless steel
Surface: the inner surface is oil film drawing surface, the outer surface is spray paint or mirror surface
Annex Warehouse door: double door
Pressure gauge: analog display
Control Operation: manual operation
Control system
Display Siemens PLC touch screen
Function Including self-diagnosis, power-off and self-starting features, with pressure control and adaptive functions, automatic control, cycle control, password protection
Pressure control Control the pressure of the box and transition chamber, the working pressure of the box can be set freely within +/- 10mbar, and the system will automatically protect if it exceeds +/- 12mbar
Foot switch The air pressure in the box can be adjusted by the foot switch
Data memo Automatically record system data
Vacuum pump Specifications: 8m³/h, 12m³/h, 16m³/h
Oxygen analyzer Measuring range: 0~1000ppm
Dew point analyzer Measuring range: 0~500ppm