MSE PRO Doctor Blade with Ceramic Coating for Flexographic Print and Coating

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MSE Supplies offers doctor blade utilizing western Japan "Tatara Steelmaking" process and advanced polishing technology. The blade steel material "Tama-Hagane", is a special kind of precious Katana sword steel in Japan. Combined with improved process technology, the material is not only used in knives and blades, but also meets the world's modern demands from the electronics, automobile, energy and other advanced fields.

This MSE PRO™ Doctor Blade model is with ceramic coatingOur ceramic doctor blade offers excellent resistance against wear and abrasion. The special ceramic coating improves the wiping quality and blade life. Our doctor blade product has earned us the trust of our customers as a pioneer in ceramic coatings for wide research and industry applications.

MSE PRO™ Steel Doctor Blade and Plastic Doctor Blade is also available upon request.

We offer various shape and coating design for battery electrode coating, thin-film device manufacturing and so on. More detailed customized information is available upon request. Standard products are listed below.

Blade shape  Width Thickness Feature and application


(Customizable, 1.2-2.0mm range)


(Customizable, 50-100um range)

Grinded parallelly to add the flexibility to blade edge for better fit along cylinder and even doctoring
Stable (Bevel)


(Customizable, 2.5-4.0mm range)


(Customizable, 50-100um range)

Grinded with slight slope for stable contact and lower bending at high pressure
Ceramic Coating Design Standard Hardness Feature and application
Normal 850-900Hv

Reinforcing durability and wear-resistance to reduce streaking, hazing, and other printing defects.

Essential for high-speed, long-run printing.

Lubricant 850-900Hv

Increasing sliding performance and smooth doctoring using effective lubricating additives.

High lubricity for smooth sliding and doctoring.

Soft 650-700Hv Reducing ceramic coating hardness for lower cylinder contact with minimized damage.