MSE PRO Confocal Microscope with 450x450mm Table Size, 10 kg Load capacity

MSE PRO Confocal Microscope with 450x450mm Table Size, 10 kg Load capacity

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MSE PRO™ Confocal Microscope with 450x450mm Table Size, 10 kg Load capacity

MSE PRO™ Confocal Microscope is an optical inspection instrument used for non-contact scanning and 3D imaging of the surface of various precision devices and materials at the micro/nanometer level. It is based on the principle of confocal technology, combined with a precise Z-axis scanning module, 3D modeling algorithms, etc., to scan the surface of the device without contact and establish a 3D image of the surface. Through the system software, the 3D image of the device surface is processed and analyzed, and 2D and 3D parameters reflecting the surface quality of the device are obtained, thereby realizing the optical inspection instrument for 3D measurement of the surface morphology of the device.

This confocal microscope can be widely applied in semiconductor manufacturing and packaging process inspection, 3C electronic glass screens and precision accessories, optical processing, micro/nanomaterial manufacturing, automotive parts, MEMS devices, and other ultra-precision machining industries, as well as aerospace, scientific research institutes, and other fields.

Product Features:

  • Offers exceptional precision and repeatability in its measurements, ensuring reliable and consistent results.
  • Equipped with an intuitive and easy-to-use software interface, allowing users to effortlessly control and analyze the data obtained from the microscope.
  • A versatile joystick provides users with precise and flexible control over the microscope's movements and functions, enhancing the overall user experience.
  • Incorporates a mechanical lens anti-collision protection system, safeguarding the delicate lens from potential damage during operation, ensuring longevity and maintaining the instrument's optimal performance.

Brand: MSE PRO™ 

Manufacturer: MSE Supplies LLC

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SKU# MA2225
Principle Spinning disk confocal optical system
Objective lens 10×, 20×, 50×, 100×
Field of View 120×120 μm~1.2×1.2 mm
Repeatability(1σ) 12 nm
Accuracy ± (0.2+L/100) μm
Display Resolution 0.5 nm
Repeatability(1σ) 40 nm
Accuracy ± 2%
Display Resolution 1 nm
Size 450 × 450 mm
Travel Range 300 × 300 mm
Load Capacity 10 kg
Control Method Motorized
Z-Axis Stroke Scanning Range 10 mm
Z-axis Travel Range 100 mm
Lens Turret Motorized 5 holes turret
Light Source White LED
Size 1000 × 900 × 1500 mm
Weight 500 kg
Operating environment Power Supply 100~240V AC, 50/60Hz, 2A, Power 300W
Working Temperature 15~30, fluctuation < 2/60min
Relative Humidity 5%~95%RH, no condensation
Environmental Vibration VC-C or better
Other No strong magnetic feld