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MSE PRO Compact Pouch Cell Aluminum Laminated Film Case Top and Side Sealer

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MSE PRO™ Compact Pouch Cell Aluminum Laminated Film Case Top and Side Sealer

MSE Supplies offers high-quality battery heat sealing machine for sealing aluminum-laminated films during pouch cell case preparation. This is a compact heating sealer which can be placed in the glove box. The battery heat sealing machine adopts soft sealing bar. It can be used for both top and side sealing for pouch cell. The separate design of the controlling and working part makes the sealing part with a small size, suitable for use in glove box.

The machine can be customized with different sealing length and width. Please contact us for detailed information. 

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Product number (SKU#) BR0296
Source voltage AC 110V, 50/60HZ, Single Phase 
Power 110V AC, 800W
Suitable battery size Top sealing ≤200mm, Side sealing ≤200mm
Sealing length 200mm (can be customized)
Sealing thickness 0.17-0.3mm (depends on Al film thickness)
Sealing width 6mm (can be customized)
Sealing pressure 0.5-0.7 MPa, adjustable
Sealing temperature RT-250℃, adjustable with controlling accuracy +/-2 °C
Sealing time 0-99s, adjustable
Sealing blade type Soft sealing blade 
Dimension(L*W*H) Working : 315*150*290mm
Controller : 320*240*220mm
Weight 40kg