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MSE PRO Black Phosphorus-Arsenic (b-AsP) 2D Crystal, 0.2g

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MSE PRO Black Phosphorus-Arsenic (b-AsP) 2D Crystal, 0.2g

The two dimensional layered inorganic materials have gained significant attentions recently owing to their thickness dependent on physical and chemical properties. Similar to graphene, black phosphorus and black arsenic have a two-dimensional layered structure consisting of individual layers stacked together through weak van der Waals forces. They have unique properties, such as high carrier mobility, strong infrared responsivity, widely tunable bandgap, in-plane anisotropy, spontaneous electric polarization and good bio-compatibility. Recent research found out that combining these materials at high pressure can get Black Phosphorus-Arsenic (b-AsP), which will improve their various characteristics. It is widely used for field-effect transistors, optical devices, catalysis, bio-sensor, semiconductor, detectors and battery research. 

Technical Data

Chemical Name Black Phosphorus-Arsenic 
Synonyms Phosphor-Arsenic alloy, b-PAs, bP-As, PxAs1-x
Chemical Formula PxAs1-x
Product Number

Single Crystal
Poly Crystal
As/P=0.83/0.17 CM3045 CM3046
As/P=0.6/0.4 CM3047 CM3048
As/P=0.5/0.5 CM3049 CM3050
As/P=0.25/0.75 CM3051 CM3052
Molecular Weight (g/mol) Depends on composition
CAS Number N/A
Bandgap (eV) 0.15-0.3
Density (g/cm3) Depends on composition
Material Properties 2D anisotropic IR semiconductors
Structure Orthorhombic
Morphology Black Crystal

Single Crystal (for mechanical exfoliate); Poly Crystal (for liquid exfoliate)

Crystal Size

Single Crystal: ≥5mm;Poly Crystal: <5mm

Pack Size 0.2g/bottle


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