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MSE PRO Bench Top Automatic Lab Press with Safety Cover

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Compared with manual hydraulic press, this bench top automatic lab press offered by MSE Supplies can set and automatically hold the designated pressure for up to 999m59s. The upper and lower pressure values can be programmed and automatically controlled by the press itself. The pressure increase rate during pressing is also automatically controlled which will gradually reduces when approaching the designated pressure. With these features, this automatic lab press delivers better pressure control accuracy than manual hydraulic press. Automatic lab pellet presses are widely used to press powders for FTIR/XRF analysis, battery electrode materials, metallurgy, ceramic and catalysis applications. 

At MSE Supplies, we are experts at powder processing materials, ball milling equipment and accessories. We offer a variety of ball mill and jars or agate mortar & pestle sets to break down the particle size before the pressing. We also supply pellet pressing dies which are compatible with this automatic lab press for pellet pressing. 

If you need other maximum pressure requirements or customized designs, please contact MSE Supplies.

    Product SKU # PR0303 PR0304 PR0305 PR0306
    Pressure range 0-20T 0-30T 0-40T 0-60T
    Pressure hold time 0-999m59s 0-999m59s 0-999m59s 0-999m59s
    LCD display 4.3" 4.3" 4.3" 4.3"
    Safety feature Plexiglass safety cover  Plexiglass safety cover Plexiglass safety cover

    Plexiglass safety cover

    Sample stage travel distance (T) 30mm 30mm 50mm 50mm
    Working area (MxN) 140mm x 160mm 140mm x 160mm 175mm x 180mm 185mm x 220 mm
    Dimensions (LxWxH)

    230mm x 390mm x 420 mm
    230mm x 390mm x 420 mm 280mm x 460 mm x 550mm 300mm x 520 mm x 580 mm
    Power supply 110V 110V 110V 110V
    Net weight 65kg 95kg 150kg 180kg

    Limited one year warranty, excluding damages caused by improper use. Please clean the press after each use to ensure the best performance and longer life time.