MSE PRO 8 inch 200 mm Single Wafer Carrier Case (Pack of 10), Polypropylene, Cleanroom Class 100 Grade

  • £28300

High quality cleanroom class 100 grade single wafer carrier cases are commonly used for the storage, transport and handling of semiconductor wafers, sapphire wafers or other single crystal substrates. These wafer carrier cases are designed and made with polypropylene (PP) material and are available from 1" to 8" diameter sizes with maximum grip, minimum contact and minimum pressure.

Each order contains a pack of 10 pieces of 8" single wafer carrier cases

Each Single Wafer Carrier Case includes a single latch (connected with the lid), lid and the base case. The wafer carriers have a conical base to support the wafers at the edges only. The wafers are held in place and secured by a single latch with the lid.

Product SKU# CA0111
Number of wafer carrier cases 10 pieces per pack
Material Polypropylene (PP)
Design With a single latch for secure closing and easy opening
Dimensions 228.08 mm x 212.5 mm x 11 mm (8.98" x 8.37" x 0.43")