MSE PRO 466L Blood Bank Refrigerator

MSE PRO 466L Blood Bank Refrigerator

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MSE PRO™ 466L Blood Bank Refrigerator

The MSE PRO™ Blood Bank Refrigerator are designed for facilities requiring stable temperature storage, such as hospitals, disease control centers, blood banks, research institutes, universities, biopharmacies, and genetic engineering labs. The internal temperature is adjustable via a control panel button, offering user-friendly operation and dependable performance.

  • Multiple sensors for accurate monitoring and control.
  • Electric heated glass door for visibility and temperature maintenance. 
  • Forced air refrigeration for consistent and even cooling.
  • Adjustable shelves and categorized blood storage baskets for optimal space use.
  • Transparent inner door to minimize cold air loss upon opening.

Brand: MSE PRO™ 

Manufacturer: MSE Supplies LLC

MSE Supplies offers a variant of Blood Bank Refrigerator. Please contact us for more information.


SKU# LS1743, LS1744
Temperature Range 4 ± 2 °C
Temperature Accuracy 0.1 °C
Capacity 466 L
Control System Microprocessor control

Audio and visual alarm for:

High or low temperature, senor & system failure; door ajar, power failure

Adjustable Shelves 5 pcs
Baskets 20 pcs 
Blood Bags 300 pcs (450mL)
Defrost Frostless deign
Internal Material Stainless steel
External Material Sprayed steel plate
Power 380 W

220 V ± 10% / 50 Hz (LS1743)

110 V ± 10% / 60 Hz (LS1744)

Standard Accessory Included

Thermal printer *1

LED lamp *1

The temperature test box *1

Probe access port *1

Door key *1

Optional Accessory Temperature recorder
External Size (W x D x H) 680 x 747 x 1886 mm