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MSE PRO 30L Vacuum Planetary Mixer For Pilot Battery Slurry Mixing

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MSE Supplies provides a vacuum planetary mixing machine with 30 liter containers and complete accessories for immediate use for lithium battery pilot scale line. The mixer adopts low-speed stirrer, which is installed on the high-speed shaft of zigzag dispersion plate with both rotation and revolution. Moreover, the machine is combined with stirring plasma low clearance design. The low speed impeller makes the material produce strong kneading movement. The high speed dispersion plate can produce strong shear to break up material, ensuring fully dispersed and mixing. This mixer is excellent for preparing LiCoO2, LiFePO4, phosphors and ceramic slurry with excellent results in dispersion and uniformity.

MSE Supplies provides various mixer with different volumes for battery laboratory and pilot production. Vacuum pump is optional. More details and customized design are available upon request.

SKU BR0287
Source voltage AC 380V, 3 Phase, 50Hz
Power 8.5kW
Working capacity 30L, customizable
Basic structure

Electric lifting barrel (material: 304SS)

Temperature measurement model

Monodisperse shaft + double stirring shaft + belt wall

Dispersion speed

0~5000rpm, adjustable

Vacuum degree


Temperature control




Dimension (L*W*H)