MSE PRO 140°C High Heat Sterilization CO2 Incubator (185L)

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MSE PRO™ 140°C High Heat Sterilization CO2 Incubator (185L)

MSE PRO™ 140°C High Heat Sterilization CO2 Incubator (185L) has a 185L capacity and utilizes high heat as a method of sterilization. Its primary use is for static cell culture and maintaining a constant temperature and high humidity for the growth of tissue culture cells under a CO2 atmosphere. 

MSE Supplies offers a variety of High Heat Sterilization CO2 Incubators with the capacity range from 85L to 248L.

Brand: MSE PRO™ 

Manufacturer: MSE Supplies LLC

Main Features:

  • 5in LCD Touch Screen
  • Consists of a 6-sided direct heat chamber for uniform temperature distribution.
  • Polished stainless steel one-piece interior chamber with rounded corners for easy cleaning
  • Flexible combination of detachable pallets, independent humidity pan can be removed or put in according to demand
  • Easy-to-clean 304 stainless steel water pan for humidification holds up to 4L of water
  • 140°C high heat sterilization system effectively eliminates bacteria, mold, yeast and mycoplasma from the interior cavity surface
  • Chamber's built-in ISO Class 5 HEPA air filtration system provides uninterrupted filtration of air throughout the chamber
  • Infrared (IR) CO2 sensor for stable monitoring when humidity and temperature are less predictable, effectively avoiding measurement bias problems associated with frequent door opening and closing
  • Intuitive controls for easy operation, instant run curves, historical run curves
  • Audible and visual alarms with on-screen menu prompts
  • Historical data can be viewed, monitored and exported via USB port, historical data cannot be changed and can be truly and effectively traced back to the original data

    Technical Specifications:

    185L Capacity 

    Model MSE180 MSE180-2 (Set) MSE180-D2 (2nd Unit)

    SKU #

    LS0232 LS0233 LS0234
    Capacity 185L 185L (each) 185L
    Sterilization method 140°C High heat sterilization
    Internal Dimensions, LxWxH 535x526x675mm
    External Dimensions, LxWxH 660x652x1000mm (Base Included)
    660x652x1965mm (Base Included) 660x652x965mm (no base)
    Shipping Dimensions, LxWxH 700×700×1050mm 700×700×1050mm (each) 700×700×1050mm
    Control Interface 5in LCD Touch Screen
    Temperature Control Mode
    PID Control
    Temperature control range Ambient 4°C~60°C
    Temperature display resolution


    Temperature stability ±0.1°C
    Temperature field uniformity ±0.2°C at 37°C
    Max. Power 900W
    Timing function 0-999.9 Hrs
    CO2 measurement principle Infrared (IR) detection
    CO2 control range 0-20%
    CO2 display resolution 0.10%
    CO2 supply 0.05~0.1MPa is recommended
    Relative Humidity Ambient humidity ~95% at 37°C
    HEPA filtration ISO 5 level, 5 minutes
    Temperature recovery time ≤10 min
    (open door 30sec room temperature 25°C set value 37°C)
    CO2 concentration recovery time ≤5 min
    (open the door 30sec set value 5%)
    Historical data storage 250,000 messages
    Data export interface USB interface
    Scalability Up to 2 units can be stacked
    Working environment temperature 10~ 30°C
    Power supply 115V / 50~60Hz
    Weight 108kg (each)


    Items Included

    Item Quantity

    CO2 Incubator

    HEPA Filter  1
    Access Port Filter  1
    Humidity Pan 1
    Shelf 3
    Power Cord 1
    Product Manual and Supplemental Data