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MSE PRO 10mL Triangular Gold (Au) Nanoplates Water Dispersion, 140±25nm

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MSE PRO™ 10mL Triangular Gold (Au) Nanoplates Water Dispersion, 140±25nm

MSE supplies offers Triangular Gold (Au) Nanoplates Water Dispersion with 140±25nm. Triangular gold (Au) nanoplates feature an ideal average particle size for diverse applications, offering high specific surface area, ample loading capacity, and easy surface functionalization. They find applications in biomedical sensing, catalysis, and plasmonic. Their reliability in ensuring safety, environmental integrity, and stability makes them indispensable in drug delivery systems, environmental remediation, and the optimization of solar cell efficiency. These properties cater to industries seeking precision and eco-conscious innovation by providing consistent performance.

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Technical Specifications:

CAS Number


Chemical Formula





10 mL/bottle



Wall Thickness

8±2 nm

Side Length

140±25 nm


Bright green liquid


4°C in a light-protected environment 


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