Mechanical Scriber for ULTILE Precision Wafer and Glass Cutting Tools

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Product Descriptions

Mechanical Scriber Head Set (SKU# GC0124)

This mechanical scriber head set can replace the wheel cutter for mechanical scribing. It can be attached to the ULTILE cutter wheel. A jig for holding and adjusting the height of the diamond scriber is included. The diamond scriber is not included in head set.

You need choose one of the following diamond scriber for scribing. 

SKU GC0125 GC0126 GC0127
Material Electrodeposited Diamond Electrodeposited Diamond Electrodeposited Diamond
Tip Size 0.9mm 1.6mm 2.9mm
Length 26mm 26mm 26mm

These accessories are compatible with our ULTILE Precision Wafer and Glass Cutting Tools

Mechanical Scriber Installation