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Lab Companion Mobile Fume Extractor

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Lab Companion Mobile Fume Extractor

Fume extractors filter and remove from the air harmful gases, vapors, and fine particulates created when using chemicals or other hazardous materials. Removing contaminants helps maintain a healthy environment and meet OSHA requirements. Clean, filtered air is returned to the same workspace, eliminating the need for external venting.

MSE Supplies offers Lab Companion Mobile Fume Extractors from Jeio Tech. Please check our necessary accessories guidance.

There are five elements shown below.

  1. Extractor: Required
  2. Filter: Required. 1 pre-filter is included in the extractor. Other than the pre-filter, the extractor can hold up to 2 main filters (Carbon, Acid, Formaldehyde, Ammonia, HEPA). The main filters have to be ordered separately.
  3. Arm: Required. Not included in the extractor. Need to be ordered separately. Arm comes with a basic-type hood.
  4. Hood : Optional. Hood (dome type, square type, magnetic option, etc.) can be added to get a wider range of gas collection.

Other than above, Brackets are normally used to connect Arms to the ventilation system in the building. Not necessarily connected to the extractor.

Country of Origin: Made in South Korea

Manufacturer: Jeio Tech

Main Features:

  • Excellent space utilization through compact design.
  • Easy to control wind and intuitive display of fan level. (maximum 240 m3/h)
  • Better safe use of chemicals with durability and spark-free BLDC motor.
  • The appropriate filter is selected according to the experiment environment.
  • Single / Dual arm, arm diameter, and hood are selected according to the usage environment.
  • Pre-filter built in to extend other filter life.
  • Up to 2 filters can be installed depending on the material used.
  • Soft wheels for easy movement and fixing.
  • Low fan speed notification when fan speed is low.


  • Dome hood
  • Square hood
  • Magnetic System
  • Table bracket set

For accessories, please contact us so we can help you choose appropriate products for your needs.

    Technical Specifications:






    Electric Requirement

    230V, 50/60Hz, 1.5A

    Dimension (W x D x H, inch)

    18.1 x 18.1 x 25.6

    Adaptable Arm

    2.0 inch 1ea

    2.0 inch 2ea

    3.0 inch 1ea

    3.0 inch 2ea

    Airflow Rate

    240 m3/h

    Noise Level

    60 dB

    Net Weight (lbs)



    About Jeio Tech: Jeio Tech products are put through rigorous quality control from the most basic metal processing to final inspections. Based on over 28 years of technical experience in instrument manufacturing, their highly integrated team of engineers strive to deliver outstanding quality to their clients. Their professional know-how will always keep their reputation as the primary partner for the customers research needs.

    MSE Supplies is an authorized distributor for Jeio Tech.