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Kern Digital Microscope Set OZP 558T241

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Kern Digital Microscope Set OZP 558T241

MSE Supplies offers a Digital Microscope from KERN & SOHN GmbH. They are the ideal helper for getting started with the analysis of your optically active solutions in the laboratory.

A digital microscope is a variation of a traditional optical microscope in which a digital/microscope camera is connected, and image output is displayed on a screen and/or monitor. Most models include software and a computer for use. The magnification produced by a digital camera is determined by the size of the monitor an image is displayed on, giving it greater magnification capabilities than the average optical microscope. The power of magnification in a traditional microscope is determined by multiplying eyepiece magnification by objective lens magnification.

Country of Origin: Made in Germany

Manufacturer:  KERN & SOHN GmbH

Product Features

  • The stereo microscopes of the OZP-5-series are available to you as a comprehensive digital solution with an mounted tablet camera for your live investigations. Naturally, the appropriate C-mount adapter is included with the delivery
  • The mounted KERN ODC 241 tablet-camera has been specially developed for simple, convenient and direct investigation of the sample on the screen. Ideally suited for school pupils and students in education or for demonstration purposes in the laboratory
  • A protective dust cover, eye cups, as well as multi-lingual user instructions are included in the scope of delivery.

OZP 558

  • The KERN OZP-5 stereo zoom microscope stands out through its above-average magnification range and its robust shape which is also ergonomic, it enables effortless, simple working over a period of several hours
  • The KERN OZP 558 is available as a strong, continuously adjustable 3 W LED reflected and transmitted light variant for the very best illumination of your sample
  • With its large working distance, an extra large field of view and its brilliant resolution, the KERN OZP 558 provides sharp, high-contrast, colour-true images.
  • The extremely large, infinitely adjustable magnification range from 6 to 55 times magnification means that you can work quickly and effectively
  • The pillar stand is particularly flexible due to its variable and sturdy adjustment mechanism and therefore enables ergonomic working procedures.

ODC 241

  • As well as a live transfer of the image to the Android tablet, the integrated 5-MP camera also means that images and videos can be created for the documentation. Simple measuring functions, such as, for example, functions for measuring distance, surfaces and angles as well as a manual counting function are also available
  • Automatic white balance and automatic contrast adjustment can be performed quickly and easily, which enables efficient working procedures
  • A range of additional functions are provided through the integrated interfaces, such as, for example
    - Data storage on a USB stick or SD card
    - Connection to a USB mouse
    - Transfer of the live image to an external screen using HDMI
    - Transfer of stored data to external receivers using WLAN

      Product Parameters

      Optical system Greenough
      Tube type Trinocular
      Ocular magnifications 10 x
      Ocular visual field 23 mm
      Magnification ratio 9,2:1
      Zoom [Min] 0,6 x
      Zoom [Max] 5,5 x
      Illuminance Reflected light, Transmitted light
      Illumination type transmitted light LED
      Illumination intensity transmitted light 3 W
      Illumination type incident light LED
      Illumination intensity incident light 3 W
      Focusing mechanism coarse drive
      Display type LCD touch
      Display screen size 9,7"
      Display resolution 2048×1536
      mcuDetails Quad Core Cortex-A17; 1,8 GHz
      Camera sensor type Sony CMOS
      Camera colour depth Colour
      Camera sensor size 1/2,8"
      Camera resolution 5 MP
      Interfaces WiFi standard, USB 2.0, HDMI, MicroSD card slot
      Camera framerate 30 fps
      C-Mount magnification 0,5 x
      Working distance 108 mm
      Sample height [Max] 110 mm
      Stand type pillar
      Dimension (W×D×H) 330×285×690 mm
      Product family OZP-S

      About KERN & SOHN GmbH: Founded in 1844 and manufactured the most accurate balances of its time. Kern's business became the core cell of the internationally famous, southern German precision balance manufacturing. With over 175 years of experience and the devotion to quality have enabled them to become specialists in the weighing field that stands for precision and reliability. Discover the KERN route to success: fast – competent – reliable – versatile!

      MSE Supplies is an authorized distributor for KERN & SOHN GmbH.