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InAs Indium Arsenide Single Crystal

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Indium arsenide is used for construction of infrared detectors, for the wavelength range of 1 ~ 3.8 um. The detectors are usually photovoltaicphotodiodes. Cryogenically cooled detectors have lower noise, but InAs detectors can be used in higher-power applications at room temperature as well. Indium arsenide is also used for making of diode lasers.

Indium arsenide is similar to gallium arsenide and is a direct bandgap material. Find indium arsenide for sale here today

Available Orientation: <100>

Available Sizes: 5x5x0.5 mm, 10x10x0.5 mm, 2 inch diameter, 30 mm diameter.

Doping Options: Undoped, S doping, Zn doped, and Sn doped.

Physical Properties
Chemical formula
Molar mass 189.740 g/mol
Density 5.67 g/cm3
Melting point 942°C (1,728°F; 1,215K)
Band gap 0.354 eV (300 K)
Electron mobility 40000 cm2/(V*s)
Thermal conductivity 0.27 W/(cm*K) (300 K)
Refractive index(nD)
Crystal structure
Zinc Blende
Lattice constant
= 6.0583 Å