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Ho Doped Yttrium Aluminum Garnet (Ho:YAG) Laser Crystals

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Ho Doped Yttrium Aluminum Garnet (Ho:YAG) Laser Crystal is one of the earliest studied laser crystals around 2um range. It is close to the peak absorption of water, which is critical for excellent outcome on human tissue cutting and coagulation. It is a better laser source than Nd:YAG as Ho:YAG which can not only improve the efficiency and accuracy of the surgery, but also minimize the damage area. It is widely used for remote sensing, medical surgeries, photoelectric countermeasures, etc.

Main Parameters of Ho YAG Laser Crystal 



Crystal structure


Melt point 

1970 ºC

Mohs hardness 8.5


4.56 g/cm3

Specific heat 0.59 J/g cm3

Thermal expansion

8.2 x 10-6K-1 (100); 7.7 x 10-6K-1 (110)

Tensile strength 0.13 ~ 0.26 GPa



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