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High Purity n-Butylammonium Iodide (BAI, C4H12IN), 99.5%, 5g

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High Purity n-Butylammonium Iodide (BAI, C4H12IN), 99.5%, 5g

n-Butylammonium Iodide (BAI) is a popular additive in organic–inorganic halide perovskite materials (ABX3), such as MAPbI3, to improve the stability of perovskite by tuning the morphology of the perovskite crystals. BAI has longer organic chain compare to methylammonium iodide (MAI). Its organic chain acts as a spacer between crystal phases thus reducing the 3D perovskite crystals into 2D plate-like crystals, reducing the band gap of the perovskite and increasing their stability to heat, irradiation and moisture. 

Technical Data:

Product Name n-Butylammonium Iodide
  • BAI
  • Butylamine Hydroiodide
CAS Number 36945-08-1
Chemical Formula C4H12IN
Molecular Weight  201.05
Purity ≥99.5%  (4 Times Purification )
Appearance White Powder
Solubility High soluble in EtOH, DMF, DMSO, water et al.
Melting Point 173°C
Packaging 5g, or as required in glass bottle
Store 25℃ under N2 atmosphere
Notes XRD &1HNMR spectra, user instruction for enquiring


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