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High Purity n-Butylammonium Bromide (nBABr, C4H12BrN), 99.5%, 5g

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High Purity n-Butylammonium Bromide (nBABr, C4H12BrN), 99.5%, 5g

n-Butylammonium Bromide (nBABr) is used as an additive for perovskite since it can provide the tert-butyl bulky group, which can promote material solubility and device stability by tuning the morphology of the perovskite films. Since the tert-butyl bulky group has larger radius, it can server as splitter, changing the perovskite crystal to 2D plates and thus changes the morphology. It is usually used for iodide-based perovskite to avoid introducing other halide ions or intentionally to introduce iodide for non-iodide-based perovskite. nBAI, iBAI, and tBAI can all serve the purpose, but tBAI is the best at increasing the stability but sacrificing the most efficiency while nBAI sacrifices the least efficiency and is the worst at increasing stability (still can increase more than 20% life time though).  

Technical Data:

Product Name n-Butylammonium Bromide
  • nBABr
  • 1-Butanamine hydrobromide
  • 1-Butanaminium bromide
CAS Number 15567-09-6
Chemical Formula C4H12BrN
Molecular Weight  154.05 g/mol
Purity ≥99.5% (4 Times Purification )
Appearance White Powder
Melting Point 205.4 °C
Solubility High soluble in EtOH, DMF, DMSO, water et al.
Packaging 5 g, or as required in glass bottle
Store 25 ℃ under N2 atmosphere
Notes XRD & HNMR spectra, user instruction for enquiring


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