Graphite Rod Electrode - GR 6/70 mm

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The non-metal counter (auxiliary) electrode is provided in electrochemical cell as a current sink to shunt excess current away from the reference electrode. The material of this electrode is constituted by the graphite which is known as a cost-efficient alternative material to noble metal electrodes. It well fits aqueous (EPDM O-Ring) and organic solvent (FFKM O-Ring) electrolyte requirements.

Application Note:
Graphite counter electrodes are commonly used in i.a. standard corrosion test cells. The graphite electrode is immersed in the ion-conducting solution as a counter electrode. An electric current is passed between the working electrode and the graphite electrode for a certain amount of time. After the process, the electrode should be washed several times with ethanol and dried under the nitrogen flow. Store the graphite electrode in the glass tube sealed with O-rings (all included in the package).

Grade: HP-III (High Pure Graphite)
Bulk density: 1.83 g/cm3
Flexural strength: 35-40 MPa
Comprehensive strength: 70-80 MPa
Ash content: <0.1 %
Specific resistivity: 9 µΩ·m
Length: 70 mm
Diameter: 6 mm

Setup Includes:
1 x Graphite rod electrode – GR 6/70 mm
1 x O-Ring (FKM/EPDM or FFKM)