Glassy (Vitreous) Carbon rod electrode - GCR 6/60 mm

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It is a pure carbon material (>99.9 %) with a fullerene-related structure, commonly used as working electrode or current collector in electrochemical measurements. It has an extreme corrosion resistance at acidic and alkaline media and does not form any intercalation compounds. 

Application note
The electrode can be used as is or can be coated with an active material. It the second case, a thin film of studied material is deposited on the Glassy Carbon surface. A special attention should be paid to provide a proper adhesion between studied material and substrate. Surface pretreatment such as polishing, vacuum heat treatment, laser activation or electrochemical activation may be applied to improve adhesion. After use the electrode can be chemically cleaned and mechanically polished using micro-sized abrasives (e.g. using sub-micron alumina powder) followed by sonication. The Glassy Carbon electrode can be used repeatedly.

effective length: 70 mm
rod diameter: 6 mm
plug diameter: 8 mm
maximum temperature: 240 °C (PEEK cup limitation)
GC density: 1.42 g/cm3
GC open porosity: 0 %
GC permeability coefficient: 10-9 cm2/s
GC Vickers hardness: 230 HV
GC specific electrical resistance at 30 °C: 45 Ωµm
GC thermal conductivity at 30 °C: 6.3 W/(Km)
GC median linear coefficient of expansion (20-200 °C): 2.6x10-6 1/K

Product includes
1 x Glassy (Vitreous) Carbon rod electrode with cup and pin
1 x O-Ring
1 x glass tube

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