Front Contact Photo-Electrochemical H-Cell Setup

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This is a horizontally mounted, double compartment photo-electrochemical H-Cell used to simultaneously or individually investigate thin film photo-anode and photo-cathode. The cell elements are made of PEEK and Fluoropolymers. It well fits aqueous (FKM O-Rings) and organic solvent (FFKM O-Rings) electrolyte requirements. The construction is gas-tight having two separate chambers, each equipped with gas inlet and outlet. This allows bubbling the solution and evacuating gases. Chambers are separated with an ion-exchange membrane (e.g. DuPont’s Nafion® membrane), so the electrochemial products appearing at photo-anode and (photo-)cathode do not affect the opposite electrode. Screw mount and hook clamp versions of this cell are available on request. 

Application Note:
This cell allows several approaches to perform measurements in 2- or 3-electrode setups. It is designed to investigate performance of a thin film photo-anode or photo-cathode (e.g. nanocrystalline material or conducting polymer) deposited on a rigid or flexible transparent substrate (typically fused quartz glass). The counter electrode is mounted in the second chamber either in a top casing or attached on the side of the cell as a thin film deposited on rigid or flexible substrate. The reference electrode is mounted in a top casing of the same chamber as the studied photo-electrode. Various auxiliary electrodes are suitable for this cell including metal wire, gauze and foil electrodes as well as non-metal electrodes and thin films. Typical applications include: basic photochemistry (photo-catalysis), photolytic water splitting, photoinduced charge separation and photo-corrosion.

minimum electrolyte volume: 2x10 mL
maximum electrolyte volume: 2x15 mL
electrode plug diameter: 6 mm
maximum substrate thickness: 3 mm

Setup Includes:
1 x Magnetic Mount Front Contact Photo-Electrochemical H-Cell (MM FC PEC H-Cell 2x15 mL)
1 x Metal Wire Auxiliary Electrode - 50HX15 0.6/250 mm (Platinum)
2 x Reference electrode (Ag/AgCl, or Ag/Ag+), 30 mm  

Cell Includes:
2 x lid – 0001CPEMA
2 x chamber
2 x sample mount
2 x Tantalum contacts
1 x micro tripod
4 x plug – 0005CPEMA
1 x set of O-Rings (18 pcs)