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Current Collector with Tantalum Clip and Septum Plug

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A current collector works as electrical conductor between the electrode and external circuit. It also provides a mechanical support for electrode material and in some cases enables effective film formation of electrode material. The physical and chemical properties of the current collector as well as potential window can influence the performance of the electrode. This current collector is formed from a pure metal mesh. It is compatible with most of inorganic thin coatings. A preferable thickness of the electrode coating is between 100 nm up to tens of micrometers. This current collector is made of Stainless Steel 316L which is known as an electrochemical grade and as such it is resistant to corrosion in most mild and weak acids and alkali electrolytes, and most organic solvents. One known exception is highly oxidizing nitric acid to which 316L grade is less resistant.

Application Note:
Generally, the electrode is fabricated by applying coating slurry or an ink onto a current collector via wet deposition techniques such as: dip-coating, stencil printing, bar coating, brushing, etc. The coating solution typically contains an organic solvent (or water), active material, conducting nanoparticles, binder and other additives that promote adhesion and wettability (film forming). The current collector may also be coated using PVD techniques or any other deposition method which results in a conducting or a semi-conducting coating.
Such current collector coated with an electrode material is immersed in the ion-conducting solution as a working electrode. An electric current is passed between the working electrode and the counter electrode for a certain amount of time. This current collector is disposable. However, the Tantalum wire clip may be reused. The current collector and a Tantalum wire clip should be cleaned prior to the deposition of electrode material.

Diameter: 20 mm
Mesh count: 150
Mesh wire diameter: 61 µm
Mesh aperture: 108 µm
Mesh weight: 0.280 kgs/m2
Material: Stainless Steel 316L
Coating: none
Clip material: Tantalum
Clip wire diameter: 0.6 mm
Clip wire total length: 100 mm
Clip length: 60 mm

Product Includes:
10 x Current Collectors
10 x Tantalum wire clips
1 x PEEK plug with silicone rubber septum
1 x O-Ring (FKM/EPDM or FFKM)