Bulk electrolysis two-compartment cell setup

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This is a two-compartment bulk electrolysis cell with standard configuration (known also as potentiostatic coulometry cell or controlled potential coulometry cell). The cell consists of three electrodes: working electrode (reticulated glassy carbon electrode), counter electrodes (Platinum wire) and reference electrode (typically aqueous Ag/AgCl, or non-aqueous Ag/AgCl). All three electrodes are installed in the second glass compartment separated by a ceramic frit. Reticulated glassy (vitreous) carbon electrode provides a large surface area to solution volume ratio. Electrode arrangement and possibility to use magnetic stirring ensure very efficient mass transport conditions. The cell elements are constructed with materials that are inert to the sample (glass and PEEK). It well fits aqueous (FKM/EPDM O-Rings) and organic solvent (FFKM O-Rings) electrolyte requirements. The construction is gas-tight.

Application note:
Usually electrolysis is carried out under potentiostatic conditions by stepping the potential from a value where no faradaic current is observed to one where the reaction is mass transport-controlled. Typical applications of bulk electrolysis include complete oxidation or reduction of species, the complete synthesis of a product through electrochemical processes (small-scale preparative electrosynthesis and electroseparation), partial oxidation or reduction of a compound to change the ratio of oxidized and reduced species and studying the complexity of the reaction mechanism (e.g. coupled reactions).

volume of WE compartment: 50 mL
volume of CE compartment: 1.5 mL
electrode plug diameter: 6 mm
counter electrode: Platinum wire, 0.6 mm dia., 250 mm long
working electrode: reticulated glassy carbon (RGC)
RGC bulk density: 0.05 g/cm3
RGC porosity: 96.5 %
RGC resistivity: 400 µΩ·cm
RGC number of pores: 24 pores/cm (60 pores/inch)
RGC wire contact: Platinum wire, 0.6 mm dia., 60 mm long

Setup includes:
1 x Two-compartment Electrochemical Cell – 2-CEC 50 mL
1 x Metal Wire Auxiliary Electrode - 50HX15 0.6/250 mm (Platinum)
1 x Reference electrode (aqueous Ag/AgCl or non-aqueous Ag/AgCl)
1 x Reticulated Glassy (Vitreous) Carbon Electrode

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