Autoclavable Two-Compartment Electrochemical Cell Setup


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This is a stationary solution two-compartment electrochemical cell for measurements under hydrothermal conditions. It is compatible with working electrodes in a form of: a) rod/disc (6 mm dia.), b) thin film deposited on a flat substrate (using a wire clip) and c) membrane (using a wire clip). The working, counter and reference electrodes (all special autoclavable models) are mounted in a top casing either in 2-, or 3-electrode setup. The counter electrode is placed in a separate PEEK compartment separated from the other electrodes by a ceramic frit. The cell elements are constructed with materials that are inert to the sample (PTFE and PEEK). The cell does not contain any O-Ring and the electrodes are fixed using PEEK screws. The construction of the cell and electrodes is open to equalize the pressure inside those components. After removal of the counter electrode PEEK compartment, the setup gets the functionality of a single-compartment cell. The cell chamber is available in several material variants here.

Application Note:
The cell is intended to be used inside an autoclave or a digestion bomb under a hydrothermal conditions. Such device should allow installation of the electrical connections to the electrodes without the risk of decompression. The cell installation inside the autoclave must be done in accordance with the safety rules. Various electrodes are suitable for this cell including metal wire and metal foil electrodes as well as graphite rod. However, the electrode has to be autoclave-safe (not containing glue, regular glass, corroding metals, low melting point plastics).

maximum electrolyte volume: 50 mL
electrode plug diameter: 6 mm
number of electrode slots: 3

Cell Includes:
1 x lid
1 x PEEK chamber
1 x CE PEEK compartment
1 x set of screws

Setup Includes:
1 x Autoclavable Two-compartment Electrochemical Cell - Autoclavable 2-CEC 50 mL,
1 x Autoclavable Ag/AgCl Reference Electrode
1 x Autoclavable version of Metal Wire Auxiliary Electrode - 50HX15 0.6/250 mm (Gold)
1 x Autoclavable version of disk electrode – Glassy carbon
1 x Plug with silicone rubber septum and set of Tantalum wire clips (set of 10)